It is free for companies to register on Omnistall. It is free for companies that want to respond to transactions sent to them by their customers or suppliers. In addition we have Essential and Enterprise pricing.
To Start Using download the Omnistall app from your app store
Find customers that want to buy your goods and services. Omnistall will enable sellers to find new customers that can buy off your catalog of goods and services.
Find suppliers that will give you their best prices. Through our innovative Request for Quotation Process Omnistall enables buyers to get the best price.
Operate efficiently and effectively with integrated end to end processes on one platform with your suppliers and customers.

350 ZAR Per Month

12 000 ZAR Per Month
Between 5 and 10 active users per calendar month
•For every additional user above the 10 users 200 ZAR will be levied monthly
•Unlimited transactions
•Signup and use without any configuration provided
•Ability to self configure items like workflows 
•Annual turnover of less than 10 Million ZAR
•Free to register on Omnistall
•A company with less than 5 users can initiate 60 transactions per month for free
•It is free to create a transaction in response to another companies transaction. Thus we look to enable companies to perform frictionless commerce
•It is free to create a purchase transaction utilising catalogues that have been created by a seller
•A free 60 day trial period with unlimited users and transactions
Annual turnover equal to or greater than 10 Million ZAR
•20 active users per month will be part of the package
•Unlimited transactions
For every additional active user above the 20 users 350 ZAR will be levied
•Setup of the catalog for selling and procuring*
•Configuration of the system based on companies business processes*
•Integration to an ERP system for Order to Cash and Procure to Pay
*These services will be charged for separately